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We currently are offering select appliances on next-day delivery to local customers, courier free. Call today to enquire about which appliances we currently stock for next-day delivery.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Next-Day Delivery?

As many or all of us are likely to be aware, the world we currently live in is significantly different to usual due to a new, deadly disease, known as COVID-19, which has spread to cause a global pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread lockdown in many countries across the globe, including the United Kingdom, who have declared a national state of emergency. Other countries including Italy, the United States, Spain, Germany, and France have also locked down their nation or specific regions of their nation due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

To briefly summarise what COVID-19 is and the harm that it causes your body. COVID-19 is a strain of a varied group of diseases called coronaviruses. The COVID-19 type strain of coronaviruses is a pneumonia-like illness that directly attacks the lungs and can potentially be fatal. It is even more deadly for those who are vulnerable and have underlying health issues. The main symptoms of COVID-19 are a dry continuous cough, a fever, and shortness.

If you are experiencing any of the main symptoms of COVID-19, it is advised that you should remain indoors for seven days, or if the symptoms persist after this period, until the symptoms have stopped completely. Those who live in the same room as you must remain at home for 14-days after your symptoms begin. These guidelines have been put in place to to prevent the further spread of the disease, save lives, and prevent the NHS from being overworked.

Although this may sound intimidating for you and your loved ones, we must all stay reassured that United Kingdom’s incredible national health service is consistently working hard to protect our country and by abiding the government's advice and restrictions, we will get through this national health crisis faster and stronger.

What are the restrictions?

From the very start of the pandemic, the UK government’s main object has been to prevent there from being a large spike in new cases, meaning the outbreak would become out of control. If the outbreak was to become out of control, the NHS would become overwhelmed, which would then lead to more fatalities. To protect the health of UK citizens, the following restrictions have been placed:

  • At all times, you must stay at home unless you are travelling for:

    • Essential work (healthcare, care, delivery services, essential maintenance, etc)

    • One daily exercise (a bike ride, run, walk, etc)

    • Delivering essential items such as food to vulnerable people.

    • Shopping for essential items (food, toiletries, drinks, etc)

  • No social gatherings of more than two.

  • Non-essential-stores must be closed.

  • All restaurants, bars, and pubs must be closed until further notice. 

  • Schools, colleges and universities must all be closed. 

How have these restrictions affected business?

Due to the restrictions that have been set out by the government, many businesses and the economy have been affected. Many have been forced to close down, mostly temporarily, but many also permanently. This is mainly due to social distancing rules and regulations, and by not profiting, this has caused some businesses to close permanently. Many workers have been advised to work from home, however, a lot of workers in different industries are unable to do this. Due to businesses not being able to function, the government has set up a furloughing scheme that allows people out of work to receive 80% of their declared wage. Despite this, many workers have still lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Some businesses that are still operating have become much more in demand due to pandemic. An example of this is the delivery industry. As non-essential stores have been closed due to the pandemic, if people need non-essential items such as fashion clothing, then they will need to order the items online. Due to this, delivery services have been delayed and services such as next day delivery may not be possible. Food delivery services have also become more in demand due people not being able to travel to stores. 

How Can I Get My Delivery Faster?

Sometimes if an item breaks, it is essential that these items are replaced immediately. An example of this is household appliances. If one of your appliances was to break, you would need to replace it immediately, especially as we are at home and need full use of them. Food would be unhygienic to eat if you fridge broke as they could not be chilled. If your oven also broke, you wouldn’t be able to prepare hot meals, which are essential. Many other items like appliances are also essential or are key to keeping you and your family entertained and happy. Due to busy delivery couriers, you may have to wait even longer than usual for these products to be delivered. 

There is one solution to receiving a delivery faster and potentially receiving the item you need the next day. This is to use local businesses instead of large companies. Many local companies are supplying their products online, and as they are local, they do not need to use couriers. If you require a product urgently, look online for a business who offers the product you require. Many local appliance and electronic stores are continuing to take orders online alternatively to selling instore. If you know of a local business that stocks what you are looking for, look them up online or give them a call today!

Fridge Chester

During the time of a pandemic or whenether normality begins again, it is highly important that your home has a high quality fridge. Fridges keep your food and drinks fresh, hygienic, and cold, which is vital, especially during the summertime. Alongside hygiene, cold drinks are a fantastic way of relaxing and staying hydrated. Butlers Appliances stock an extenisve range of fridges in Chester and other refrigeration appliances such as chest freezers. We are also offering next day delivery for our in stock appliance to customers in a five mile radius. Call today to enquire!